Passion + Organization + Time

Whatever your age, you have assets. Whether that's passion or experience, network connections or some time on your hands, at the Generations Project, we believe that civic engagement should be a joyful, accessible part of democracy.

To do this, the Generations Project connects people across age groups to create opportunities for everyone to take an active part in civic life. We seek to connect passion and energy with expertise and networks; digital natives with committee member know-how.

You have all the tools you need.

use them.

If each stage in life has its ups, it also has its downs: if you have tons of network connections, that probably means you're mid-career, and you have so little time. If you're staring down the barrel of retirement, maybe you feel a bit out-of-the-loop. And when you're young, having some direction or a mentor to go to can make a huge difference in your career and life track.

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