The Generations Project grew out of a desire to engage across geographic and generational boundary lines. Born in New York City but nationwide in scope, the initial Generations Project brought together Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers from locations as diverse as California, Queens, and Kansas.

This group is inspired by the conviction that most political divisions are only as strong as you allow them to be. Their documentary and webshort work challenges the divisive rhetoric that separates age and geographic groups. Their support of the next phase of Generations Project, gathering people across age cohorts to leverage their strengths in aid of each other, testifies to the group's optimism for the future and conviction in the flexible strength of democratic insitutions.

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photograph of Ana Monroe
Ana Monroe (Founder) is a designer and artist living in New York City and Los Angeles. She learned design on-the-job working in the film and fashion industries. She currently works with federal agencies to design and deploy products and services. She does not enjoy politics-as-spectacle and would very much like to contribute to making the political news cycle a bit boring again.
photograph of Cheryl Fitzner
Cheryl Fitzner (Director & Senior Advisor) taught high school Spanish for 30+ years. Born in Panama Canal Zone, she immigrated to the U.S. as a child. She volunteers at voting sites during elections in her home state of Georgia, where she regularly uses her "teacher voice" to stop men following their wives into the booths to make sure the women "vote right". (PSA: This still happens.)
photograph of Katrina Kaufman
Katrina Kaufman (Producer) is a jouarnalist, filmmaker, and lawyer working New York City. Her interdisciplinary experience has seen her working on Oscar-winning movies like Avatar, internationally signficant geopolitical events such as the first free elections in Myanmar, and to function as a legal observer during protests in the United States.
photograph of Scott Kellum
Scott Kellum (Design Director) is the founder of Typetura, a typography firm offering both bespoke and ready-made typographic solutions for web and print. He has invented multiple groundbreaking web technologies, including Athena responsive ad units, a design concept now used across the internet, and the fluid typesetting technology that powers Typetura itself. Scott brings to Generations Project his passion for typography and design, and his desire to contribute to the creation of sustainable civic engagement paths for every individual.
photograph of Sal Hernandez
Sal Hernandez (Chief Engineer) is a software engineer, former automotive technician, and pun master. In re-directing his life to take part in the ever-growing advancement in technology and web development, he found that programming has allowed him to connect with people at all levels of experience and to more readily take on problems of all kinds in his own life. He brings to Generations Project his talent for software development and passion for community building, inclusion, and personal growth.

Generations Project Principle No. 1:

Life Changes: We acknowledge that life and what we need from it changes with each age, and we embrace that change.

Generations Project Principle No. 2:

Emotions are a fact of life: Passion, energy, fear, and even anger can be honored and channeled productively.

Generations Project Principle No. 3:

Generations need each other: Intergenerational diversity is as valuable and desirable as other diversity types.

Generations Project Principle No. 4:

Productive Civic Engagement Has Many Forms: Individuals should be able to involve themselves in community & governance in ways that come easily and naturally to them.